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“HAMAMATSU FREE Wi-Fi” is a public wireless LAN service (free Wi-Fi spot) for the Hamamatsu/Kosai area that anyone can use without the hassle of signing up.
It was set up for the purpose of not only making the lives of city residents more convenient, but to also allow foreign tourists to immediately tell their friends overseas about their experiences in and thoughts about Hamamatsu with this easy Internet access.

You can access it at Hamamatsu and Kosai area restaurants, lodging facilities, and retail shops, the Chubu Centrair International Airport Direct Bus, public transportation, and more.

It’s very easy to use. Just connect to the SSID “HAMAMATSU_FREE_Wi-Fi."
You can enjoy the Internet as much as you like, for free.

Hamamatsu: A City of Connections

  1. ○ FREE

    Anyone can use it for free! Even just briefly to kill time!

  2. ○ NO SIGN-UP

    Connecting is easy and there’s no member registration required! You can use it right away!


    Computers, smartphones, gaming consoles… Just about all devices can connect!

How to connect and use

Instructions for iOS and Android

  1. From Settings, open the screen for available Wi-Fi connections.
  2. Select the SSID"HAMAMATSU_FREE_Wi-Fi".
  3. Continue as directed on screen.
    ※This process might differ depending on the access point.

Next time, you can connect simply by selecting the SSID even if the access point is different.

Usage Notes for “HAMAMATSU FREE Wi-Fi"

Usage Notes for “HAMAMATSU FREE Wi-Fi”

  1. Although the public wireless LAN “HAMAMATSU FREE Wi-Fi” has the same SSID, the service provider differs depending on the location, so please check the Terms of Use and Usage Notes on the service providers’ webpage or at the shop.
  2. You can use this service for free.
  3. The security settings when using the free Wi-Fi service are the user’s responsibility. It is possible that electronic wiretapping or unauthorized access of your computer will occur when connected to public wireless LAN “HAMAMATSU FREE Wi-Fi.” In particular if sharing is turned on for your files and folders, we recommend turning off the sharing.
  4. The Committee, along with the service providers, cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages that occur due to use of the service, unforeseen service interruptions, or bad connections. We ask for your understanding.
  5. Please refrain from doing the following things as they will bother other users.
    ・Using large volumes of data (watching or downloading online games or videos, etc.)
    ・Transmission violations or suspicious actions such as sending spam emails.
    If you are found to be doing these actions, your service may be suspended. We ask for your understanding.
  6. Regarding the public wireless LAN “HAMAMATSU FREE Wi-Fi,” there is no 100% guarantee of Internet access. The Committee, along with the service providers, will not provide any technical support for either the user’s particular computer or communication terminal, or for the specific settings for every device.

Service Area

※”HAMAMATSU FREE Wi-Fi” can be used in the areas shown above.

Contact Us

HAMAMATSU FREE Wi-Fi Committee, Executive Office

Hamamatsu Industrial Department, Tourism & City Promotion Division